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March 28 2013


Who Hipsters Are and How to Tell Them

You have probably encountered the strange word “hipster” on the web, in fashion magazines and on TV. What does it mean? Is it only about accessories, clothes and certain manners in behavior? No, the definition of hipsters is somewhat wider, and if we start getting deeper inside the matter, we will see that it is a whole world.

Indie Kids

There is indie music – there are indie people. These are not only teenagers, though hipsters often call themselves indie kids. Do not hurry with conclusions, because closer to the end of this text you may discover that you are a kind of hipster, too. As Wikipedia says, the movement of hipsters or indie kids was created in the middle of the past century in the USA. They have always had something in common with hippies, and it’s not only their showed love to nature, but also the affection about arts, music, experiments and some extravagance.

There are several things that can help us tell an indie kid in the crowd: oversized t-shirts, unisex styles, vintage clothes and accessories, skinny pants and Ray Ban glasses. All these accessories can be combined in different ways, but one of them should always be present. Such things can be found in online stores like www.urban1972.com.

Their Peculiar Accessories

Many people cannot understand how the usual morning hairstyle done out of uncombed hair could become so popular. Still, this “bun” was a rightful name card of hipster girls. They keep on even today: their hair is done in an easy, slightly tossed way, braided and tied in tails, covered with bandages and bandanas. Modern styles smartly include elements of old indie school. They start fashion trends within their style: absolutely crazy shoes with platforms and high heels, flower prints on all clothes. Accessories are always massive and numerous. The best necklace is a photo camera: Canons are on top today.

The Absolute Essence of Hipsters

Upon the whole, it is not easy to give a certain characteristic to hipsters. It is more of a lifestyle than of fashion. The world of today is soaked with the idea of independence and freedom. The style of hipsters has once become a fulfillment of dreams. This is a style of people who are young in their hearts and souls. It is not easy to describe how a pure hipster should look: a great seam of fashion falls into the definition of freedom, while absolute hipsters have something of the so-called trash style.
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